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Parking Towers s.r.o. is a new company, but based on the stability, quality and history of HOPAX s.r.o. and SPENADO Consulting s.r.o. Both of these companies have a history of several years and are also known on the international market.

The product – Parking Towers – is not new, in the world has been known for decades. At the same time, however, it responds to the current need of today’s companies and the population, which is the lack of parking spaces.

Managers of Parking Towers s.r.o. perceive a steadily growing number of cars that do not have anywhere to park. Only in the Czech Republic is currently more than 5.37 million cars.


In Europe, more than 15 million cars were sold in 2016, and this trend is rising.

With this trend of course, there are other problems, such as parking. Therefore Parking Towers s.r.o. comes with products that can help resolve parking in companies, offices, shopping centres, cities and housing estates, etc.

Today's parking tower
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Everyone can choose from a wide range of parking towers. Parking tower can be a part of a building or a parking tower can stand alone in a modern look.

Here is a great number of possibilities for realization. You may find yourself experiencing the negative opinion of the city architect. Of course, the appearance can be adapted to the requirements of city architects and representatives of towns and municipalities.

For each metal construction is possible to select any color coating.

Variants of towers

We offer our parking towers in several sizes according to the number of parked vehicles.

Variants of our parking towers

Where can the towers be used?

Vertical rotary parking systems that effectively solve the problem of lack of parking spaces, especially in cities. Upon request, we will process a 3D visualization of the parking tower installation directly into your environment.

3D model of parking tower
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Paid residential parking
The current state of parking spaces is perhaps insufficient in all cities in the Czech Republic. There is an increasing number of resident parking spaces as people want to park in the immediate vicinity of their housing. These resident sites have their capacity and also gradually occupy free of charge parking places. According to our survey, people are willing to pay an acceptable amount of CZK 1,500 per month for the city / town for a reserved car. Which is the income to the municipal treasury, in the example of a parking tower for 12 vehicles - 18 000 CZK per month, ie 216 000 CZK per year. The return on investment in this case is 14 years. Parking tower lifetime 45 years. With our help, you can very elegantly solve these demands of your citizens by resident parking towers. When their installation can stand near each entrance to an apartment building. It can be a self-standing installation at a defined location or visually as part of an apartment building located on the side of the building and suitably sheathed.
Hotel parking
Hotels that face a lack of parking spaces, mainly in the city centers, do not have the opportunity to offer their guests more than 10 parking spaces. With our solution we are able to build a parking tower with a capacity of 32 (or 40 with lower passage) vehicles on a small area of 4 parked vehicles.
Corporate parking
The solution of company parking for employees at the company headquarters, or in its vicinity, as required by law. Parking for management with the help of smart cards, applications in the phone, by means of automatic recognition of the vehicle registration number, etc. It can also be a benefit for employees at companies that have a problem with a lack of parking spaces.
Parking at traffic junctions
Every place for public transport is faced with parking problems. At this point, it is still possible from the position of a city / municipality to apply for an EU subsidy for the construction of parking spaces, which also include parking towers. The subsidies for these places represent 95% of the financial resources for the municipality. We will help you with consultation and possible obtaining of this subsidy.
Parking for airports and shipping ports
Ensuring sufficient paid parking space at airports and ports of call during the absence of the driver with an emphasis on the safety of the parked car, secured against theft or damage.
Construction of development projects
The law implies that during the construction of any construction, parking for workers of the construction must be provided during the construction. The advantage of the whole construction solution of the parking tower is the possibility to build it with a minimum of construction equipment in 3 working days. Likewise, dismantle and relocate, which is a great advantage.
Parking of newly manufactured vehicles
Saving of parking places in production plants of all car brands. Manufacturing plants will gain more space for storing new cars. We are able to supply or interconnect existing IS of warehouse management with the system of parking towers for subsequent dispatch processes of manufactured cars.
Parking of new vehicles at distributors
Distributors or car dealerships always decide where to place stocked cars for sale. Parking towers can be the solution where they are facing a lack of parking spaces. In practice, we know cases where car showroom owners have been forced to build underground parking at a disproportionately higher cost than the purchase of parking towers, which have the advantage of being able to move over time.
Electric charging towers
We are also thinking about the future of electric vehicles that need to be charged. We are able to deliver a complete solution for rechargeable parking towers with our own solar panels and high capacity batteries for fast battery recharging.


We can install the parking tower in just 5 working days. Each tower can be removed and moved at any time.


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